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Coaching Services

Every coaching option below comes with complete service (training, nutrition, OTC supplementation, pharmacology, neurochemical work, aerobic needs, recovery support, etc - I truly try and be there for everyone for every single thing they need!) All clients that sign up at a certain price will be grandfathered into that price as long as they work with me - I will NEVER make a current client pay updated prices - if your a current client of mine re-upping your payment, please send the payment directly to me via paypal.

$350 per month
-General Population
Offseason Athlete, Anyone Not Competing

$450 per month
-Dysfunctional Population, Athletes Prepping (Powerlifters, Strongman(woman), Crossfit, Sprinters, Marathon Runners, Lacrosse Players, Football Players, etc.)


$500 per month
-Physique Competitors Prepping (bodybuilding, classic, physique, bikini, wellness, figure, etc.)


$600 per month
-Texting Option


Consulting Services

All consult calls are done over Zoom. You can ask ANY questions you may have and I will gladly answer them! :)

If you need to cancel a call to reschedule you must do that 24 hours in advance or you will lose your call - please make sure you convert your time zones 
properly! :)

If you are a current client or mentoring student please reach out directly to me as you get reduced prices for calls! :)

-1 Hour Consult Call - Non Client


-3, 1 Hour Consult Call Bundle - Non Client


Please, reach out and tell me more about yourself on a personal level, goals, and what your looking to get out of working together to make sure we are a good fit! :)

(If your using gmail, my email may be flagged as spam just as a heads up!)

Thanks for submitting!

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