01 - Bodybuilding


+50 lbs bodyweight

+375 lbs to squat

+320 lbs to bench

+385 lbs to deadlift

I always loved working out! It was always a passion to just get in the gym and move some heavy weight around for whatever sport I was playing in at that time. Beginning by doing amateur boxing and lacrosse in high school, I had life made! I had a full scholarship planned for Lacrosse and wanted to take amateur boxing to the professional level. But, life doesn't always happen the way we want it to. In my junior year during a lacrosse game, I received a career ending concussion that has permanently taken me out of contact sports for life. I couldnt walk, couldnt eat, and had to  lay in my bedroom with the lights off essentially being bed ridden for 6 months. At that point I was 140 lbs soaking weight and looked anorexic. I saw how skinny I looked in the mirror and hated my physique. So like everyone trying to “put on size” I ate everything in sight and “bulked” up to a fat 200 lbs. Thinking I had put on “solid muscle” I began working with a bodybuilding coach who got me ready and helped me lose 50 lbs of fat and on stage for the first time! At that point, I began my academic collegiate career in the Nutrition & Dietetics field and wanted to part ways with my coach to learn my body and experiment to see what it took to truly transform my physique. Fast forwarding a year I participated in my 2nd every bodybuilding show bringing a much improved package to the stage but never truly gave my body what it needed to grow and only being able to squat 225 lbs, bench 95 lbs, and deadlift 225 lbs. Since that time I have not stepped back onto a bodybuilding stage because next time around, I have some very elite goals and dreams to work up to! Those include much more than simply in the bodybuilding world but also with my family, academics, and my online coaching. Some of those include starting a family of my own, earning my PhD in a Bioenergetics & Biomechanics field, helping as many people transform their physiques as possible, and earning my IFBB pro card. Currently, I do not have a show in sight as I am truly enjoying the process and lifestyle of bodybuilding and progressively making progress daily! Not only have I transformed my mind over the course of the past 3 years since my last show by earning my BS, NASM CPT, and NASE Speed and Explosion Specialist lvl II certification and degrees, but I’ve added over 50 lbs to my physique and increased my squat from 225 to 600, bench from 95 to 415, and deadlift from 225 to 610!






02 - Powerlifting


+20 lbs to bench press

+85 lbs to deadlift

+100 lbs to squat

+200 lbs to his total


When Alex and I began working together I had never benched over 225, my deadlift was 400 lbs and my squat was 275 lbs. As a person who knows a lot about exercise physiology through my own schooling and research to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I can say Alex really knows  his stuff about physiology. Alex not only has didactic training but backs it up with real world experience with himself and the countless clients he has had. Alex was always available to answer my questions through text and email, and really took my feedback into account when adjusting my training or nutrition. Alex is very supportive as a coach and really cares about his clients and helping people.  After 7 months working together Alex helped me peak for my first meet and I totaled 1100 lbs, benched 245 lbs, deadlift 485 lbs and squat 370 lbs. Alex has the knowledge, experience and passion that make a coach great, I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone. 








Coaching Perspective

Jacob’s focus was to add strength and to keep his weight in the 190’s for powerlifting purposes. Along with adding 20+ lbs to his bench, 85 lbs to his deadlift, and almost 100 lbs to his squat, Jacob also weighed exactly 194 lbs in both pictures but significantly recomped his physique in the process of adding over 200 lbs to his powerlifting total!



03 - Navy Seal

In 7 weeks we dropped

3 minutes and 8 seconds off his 500 yard swim time

1 minute and 33 seconds on his 1.5 mile run


In 7 weeks we increased

Max Pushups/Situps/Pullups by 2/13/2


I heard about Alex first on bodybuilding.com in his "Insane bulk" post. I saw his insanity in all of the sets, reps, etc. and immediately subscribed to his YouTube channel. I followed him for a few months before I decided I needed a coach who knew what intensity really is. Alex does. My goal was to get ridiculously good at basic calisthenics movements while reverse dieting out of my last cut so I could pass my Navy Seals Test. We're 7 weeks into that reversed diet right now and I passed my Navy Seals Test, am up 500 calories, and only 1 lb heavier . He's also helped me work through several injuries while still holding performance. I was searching for a coach who understood the kind of intensity I was looking for, and I found exactly that with Alex. I've made constant progress since I started working with him.



Coaching Perspective

During my time working with Eli, we had to develop a plan to ensure his bodyweight stayed within a 2-3 lb range without putting on muscle muscular size. Eli was purely concerned with increasing his performance in the gym while slightly and slowly enhancing the physique he had. By focusing purely on calisthenic movements, we dramatically increased his performance on the movements he needed to in order to pass his Navy Seals Test. That test includes a 500 yard swim, max amount of pushups/pullups/situps in two minutes, and a timed 1.5 mile run. You can see below that within 7 weeks, we shaved 3 minutes and 8 seconds off his 500 yard swim time, increased his max pushups/situps/pulls by 2/13/2, and shaved off 1 minute and 33 seconds on his 1.5 mile run!



04 - Reverse Dieting Bodybuilder

I received this email from a client who I've been working with since his last competition. We're roughly 12 weeks into his reverse, up 20 lbs, up 2,000kcals, and strength levels are above his last precontest PRs. This is why a minimum of 2 weekly check ins are a must.

"Hey Alex! Just checking in as per usual. Overall energy levels are high, strength is up, and I'm feeling better than ever! Not quite sure how I'm able to eat this much and stay this lean but I'm not complaining!"

05 - Natural Hormone Production Enhancement

Waking up to emails from clients saying that what you've done working with them is working has to be one of the BEST feelings in the world! A client of mine who wishes to remain nameless for obvious reasons sent me this email this morning:

"BIG NEWS!!! I just had another testosterone test done last week, and just got the results: You aren't going to believe this. My total testosterone is almost double what it was!!! It was 240, now it's 410!!! And my free testosterone is off the ****ing charts!! Normal range: 4.3-30.4 Mine: 83.1 This is a miracle man, I can barely believe it! Also, I did some (moderately hard) running today. Foot felt great."

This particular guy came to me roughly 8 weeks ago with the basic warning signs of having low testosterone and the blood work to back it up. By us talking through every possible fitness, health, and life variable, we were able to manipulate his training and nutritional protocols to favor a high hormonal producing bodily environment. Via these simple manipulations, we were able to double his testosterone levels naturally as well as increase his overall strength, lean tissue mass, and sense of well-being. Knowing how to manipulate your nutrition and training is key to longevity in any fitness goal. If you can be healthier and produce more fitness related optimizing hormones in the process, then you'll be able to do this for a life time.



06 - 10 Week DUP Hypertrophy Programming

We were given the opportunity to review the Beast Fitness 10 Week DUP Hypertrophy Program E Book created by Alex Kikel BS, NASM CPT, NASE Speed and Explosion Specialist Level II. 


As the title states, it is a 10 week daily undulating periodization program designed to elicit dramatic gains in muscular size/hypertrophy.  You will need to know your 6, 10, or 20 RM for your main lifts, and a good amount of the program will revolve around working at near-maximal percentages of your 1RM. You will certainly improve slightly upon your 1RM but to be clear, this program is mostly geared toward shocking your body into growth through a precisely programmed 4 phase plan. The main difference between this DUP program and others is that others are geared toward pure strength gains which do not necessarily equate to hypertrophy, whereas this program is designed to spark muscle growth through the use of a variety of set and rep schemes.


The program is very well designed and clearly laid out in the E Book so there is literally no guess work involved. All you have to do is follow the template which does give the trainee many options when it comes to selecting the movements they wish to use. The effectiveness of the program more so lies within following the prescribed sets & reps and percentages through the 4 phases.


But anyone who really knows about muscle growth knows that training is only a piece of the puzzle. Alex's program goes a step further than most by including a precise and detailed nutrition and diet guideline to spark maximum muscle growth without adding extra body fat. The nutritional requirements change to accommodate the intensity of each given training phase. 


It is recommended to follow the program for the prescribed ten weeks, the return to regular maintenance training for a period of time and repeat the program as needed for a maximum of three rotations (30 weeks) out of the year. You will gain a good amount of size and a decent amount of strength through one full year of utilIzing the program!  


Here is what one Modern Athletic Health ambassador has to say about working with Alex:

"I've been using Alex as my online nutrition and training coach for almost a month. I've been following his DUP hypertrophy program as well. The main benefits from working with Alex is his response time and how much thought he puts into his clients for them to get the best results. I work night shift, so the only time I really send him questions and advice is at unusual times and he still seems to respond very quickly. I've been reverse dieting/bulking during this time and I've gone from 186 to 200 pounds while still staying lean and making gains in the gym. I would recommend his service as a coach to anyone who is really looking to dial in their diet and training. His DUP training program is very methodical and will deliver results if followed, even more so if you were to utilize his expertise in terms of proper diet and nutrition"


-Cam, ModernAthleticHealth.com

Read the full article review: http://www.modernathletichealth.com/#!Program-Review-Beast-Fitness-10-Week-DUP-Hypertrophy-Program/c193z/5675dc1d0cf2ee60dd6fb9bf


07 - Recomp


My client and good friend Matt putting in the WORK! We've been working together for only 3 short weeks and focusing on recomping properly and taking advantage of the strength and hypertrophy adaptations during this phase. The picture says it all! Proud of you man!








































08 - Recomp #2

Man! Look at those pics! Look at the ab separation I'm starting to get! Holy crap this is awesome! I've never had this good of a look before! Incredible! LOL it's probably no big deal to you because you can get ripped up way better than this, but I'm speechless! And this was possible in 4 Weeks of training with you?! What the hell man?! I'm going to start calling you the "magic man"! LOL! If I can make this kind of progress in just 4 weeks, what can I do over the course of 3 months, 6 months, or a year with you as my coach? Sorry for the rambling, but I just can't believe what I've been able to accomplish so far. I'm also realizing that in the past even though I was on a decent program, I just didn't work hard enough! Now, I'm starting to get it! And thanks for the kind words in the last e-mail, but just remember that I couldn't do it without you! You are seriously a cut above the rest! The level of service, expertise, and inspiration you provide as well as your very approachable nature are second to none! : )























-Mike W.































09 - Bulking

Clarence has only been working with me for roughly 2 months at this point and he is CLEARLY sticking to the plan and working HARD! His legs have grown at an incredible amount in such a short amount of time and his bodyweight is only a few pounds up, he is still maintaining his abs, and growing exceptionally!






















-Clarence Y.































Alex Kikel is not a licensed Dietitian or Medical practitioner. All information shared is based on education, personal experience, and academic research. This is not intended to treat or diagnose any illness or disease. These are all recommendations given by Alex Kikel. You should consult with your physician before beginning any new program.