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I work with all demographics of athletes, general population, and dysfunctional backgrounds. ​

Coaching prices range from $500 - $3,000 per month, paid in 3 month increments.


All prices are case dependent upon need, complexity, etc. - PLEASE use the form below to send me a detailed initial message in order to more accurately assess your pricing needs. 

Consult calls for clients is $500 per hour (nothing is off limits to discuss)


Non Client consult calls is $800 per hour (the only thing not offered is PFS and related dysfunction calls - only coaching is offered for that dysfunction.)


"Improve YOUR Coaching Business" Consulting Program

This consulting package is different from the mentoring program as the mentoring program is more so educational based and heavy with videos, articles, etc. 

This consulting program is for the coach who needs only hands on application based help. This program includes:

•24/7 email access to any questions you have and is generally about client issues they are running into, tweaks to make, peak weeks, etc.

•3, 1 hour calls over the course of 1 month where you bring your client cases and scenarios and we work together to fix their specific problems/assess their needs

This is APPLICATION HEAVY and requires you to have a decent client base and experience level to maximize the effectiveness of this consulting program.

Many coaches utilize this service and simply keep me on retainer to help with client peak weeks, pharmaceutical protocols, longevity/health protocols, etc.

This consulting program lasts 4 weeks and costs $3200 and is currently only offered to Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman(woman), and Olympic Sport Based Coaches.


Please, reach out and tell me more about yourself on a personal level, goals, and what your looking to get out of working together to make sure we are a good fit! :)

(If your using gmail, my email may be flagged as spam just as a heads up!)

Thanks for submitting!

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